For You. That Thing Called ‘Love’

She sits by the window, watching life rush through; Change comes fleetingly, in numbers too few

Stuck in a routine waiting to break away; To uncomplicate the simple on some fine day

A sadness clouds her pretty little face; Lost in memories of her thoughts’ crystal maze

She swims in and out between the present and past; Unnoticing people and things that run away fast

She’s the girl with the book and a pen in hand; Dreamily drawing doodles, the mind in a faraway land

A smile that is smiled but doesn’t reach her eyes; A laugh is laughed but is far from nice

Then the café door opens, a wisp of wind brushes by; It whispers sweet nothings, no one knows why

She knows that he is somewhere out there; Her cheeks flush red, sweat drops from her hair

She sees without seeing, his eyes sweep the throng; She hears without hearing, he hums her favourite song

He’s tall, he’s quiet, he slicks behind a table; Nonchalantly orders his beer and switches on the cable

Loud blares the music but he doesn’t give a damn; He breathes in her presence, as slow as he can

In the far corner of the room he sights her there; As she sips hot coffee and munches an éclair

Their glances meet, an electric bright start; Love at first sight sails through the heart

The din that surrounds them is rendered unaware; They hold each other in a minute’s constant stare

Out of the blue things take a quick turn; Salvage for the prolonged heart burn

A reason to be happy, a reason to celebrate; A curtain is raised, she feels so great

Then begin the musings and all grief is lost; Innocent brushes of the hand and soft talks at the most

She loves his warmth that bathes her so; She reaches out to him, asking for more

She’s set free like a bird wafting through the sky; Her clipped wing ceases to make her shy

A glimmer of hope out comes to shine; Forever us, she tells him, forever mine.


It Just Takes A Moment

She knew it had ended.
Like a simple switch which was turned off.
No regrets. No sadness. No jealousy. No remorse. No guilt. No longing.

Hoping for years together to get out of this mess – going away from people, into unknown corners of a bruised heart.
And just one singular moment which took it all away.
One moment when her life went by in a flash and she heaved a sigh of relief.

It was one thing to convince herself that she was ok.
But another ball game to truly know that circumstances would no longer affect her as they did earlier .

A sudden lull came over her.
Like a heavy load lifted off. Like finding a stream of clear spring water while walking in a parched desert. Like finding the end to a long, dark, snaking tunnel.

So giddy headed with happiness, she began to laugh uncontrollably. And everything around seemed to join in the mirth.
Trees shook with renewed vigour, the earth emanated a hidden warmth, the stars danced in the dizzying sky – as she basked in the hazy glow that surrounded her.

There was no looking back now.
A feeling of elation clouded her mind. A feeling of satisfaction found place in her heart. A feeling of freedom embraced her soul.

Liberation. Emancipation. Redemption. 

The Man He Is..

He stands tall and proud as a man self-made.  
The advancing of years is a witness to his gradually stooping back, 
But with a head held high, he never once loses his poise. 
He is reduced to a mere vegetable, but the dignity he commands belies all other prelusions.

Unbeknown to all, he gently glides into the deep black corridor. 
Not knowing what he is leaving behind, not knowing what he’ll find ahead.
A thrilling excitement of adventures is to come or an underlying fear of the unknown lies in his wait?

It is a rough road to traverse.
The winds seem stronger and the sun seems harsher.
But there is an unnatural calm inside.
An answer found to all of life’s worries.
The only stable factor in an unstable universe. 

A Different Today

Truth be told – the “idea” for this write up is not original. It was written for a friend. It is what he actually saw – versus what I interpreted his vision to be based on my own experiences. Though i wasn’t physically present at there, I somehow felt emotionally connected to it, as the scene slowly unfolded in front of my eyes. 

It is one of those infinite moments when life seems to paint a different picture for me. Only on looking closer do I realize that it is the same picture that I have been looking at for years now – but today I look at it without prejudice, without any hang-ups and without any expectations.

A long walk along one of the scenic stretches in Mumbai. Marine Drive – A walkway fittingly called the Queen’s Necklace.

Today, I don’t see pesky hawkers trying to sell their wares and disturbing my peace of mind – I see a little girl holding a bunch of flowers in her hand and looking at me with her big brown eyes – eyes that almost beg me to buy the flowers so that she can feed her family that night atleast.

Today, I don’t see hordes of people walking aimlessly, talking in unnecessarily loud volumes and bothering the rest– I see an old Canadian gentleman help his wife onto the sit-out at the drive, to enjoy the beautiful sunset together.

Today, I don’t see nosey kids being dragged along by their parents to walk the stretch – I see zestful young minds, full of never-ending questions and seeking answers to the mysteries that conspire.

Today, I am not just a photographer looking to enhance my portfolio with the beautiful pictures – I am just a wandering soul who has rediscovered the beauty that routine has to offer.

Today, I walk with an empty mind and a heart full of emotions – my camera giving me the best company. I let my lens do all the talking, where words fail to express what I feel – my pictures take the story forward.

Today,  I discover a new “me”.


Times are changing
People are changing
We stray away from each other
No bonds to hold us together
We have become selfish and self-centered
Not caring about anything beyond ourselves

People come into our lives
But not many create a lasting memory
Nothing is left to remind us about them
Not many touch are lives
But we fail to see that every person is a new experience

We’ve become materialistic
Morals and values hold no place in our world
We aren’t any different from robots
…Just unemotional moronic blokes!

We believe money can buy everything
Spending most of our time chasing idyllic dreams
But why do we forget the fundamental truth
That you go to your grave with all but a penny

We ignore the simple joys of life
While chasing higher levels of gratification
Forgetting who we actually are
Somewhere along this chosen path of apparent happiness

Shadows of the past haunt us
We never think twice before acting
Not caring what the other person feels
Not treating another like a fellow human being

Life is all about profits and losses
Everything is measured and tested
What we don’t notice is the multitude of immeasurable moments
That we lose out on in our quest to seek more

We remain blissfully unaware of what goes on around us
Engulfed in our own world, not accepting the truth
People and things all mean the same
We only exist…cease to live
The essence of life lost in a messy haze