Red Pill. Blue Pill

(Written for Daily Prompt)


(This post does not endorse unhealthy eating habits in kids. It is just a creative take on how children usually feel about food – especially when they are forced to eat stuff that they do not like (despite being healthy) instead of being allowed to go out and play.)

The lil’ kid looked down at his plate

Silence accompanied everything he ate

Steaming soup lay expressionless in a bowl

Lack lustre dull white, without a soul

The ratatouille smirked – daring him to taste

The purple brinjal looked vengeful at best

The greens were just too green

If you know what I mean

The soft rice tasted like baby’s food

“Don’t be fussy”, said mummy, “the rice is good”

Healthy fruits were the next course

But felt more like a medicine dose

“How I wish I could just skip this meal

At my age, it is frankly too much to deal

More fun and play is what I need

Eating is a waste of time indeed

Wish a better idea strikes mummy

To not eat food and still have a full tummy

When I grow up, I’ll find a cure

So that food you have to eat never

It’s a super thought, I’ll tell you

Just pop in one pill red and another pill blue