Finding Joy In A Thrift Store

(Written for Friday Fictioneers)

Photograph by John Nixon

Photograph by John Nixon

“ much are the china glasses for?”

“15 bucks for these, 10 for the floral.”

“P-paper cups?”

“Buck a dozen.”

“That Kodak camera?”

“4 – with a film’

“The blue suit in the corner?”

“30 bucks – that’s the least for a slow day.”

“I’ll take the brown jacket in the corner please.”

“Ok. I’ll throw in a bowtie and socks for free.”

“And the…”, the old man blushed, “And the white gown?”

“So it’s a wedding! Whose?”


Arnie couldn’t wait to see the astonished expression on Edith’s face, providing little comfort for being 40 years late.

Courtesy - Google

Courtesy – Google


The Old Man by the Window

(Written for Daily Prompt)


Bent back

Unshaven cheeks

Baseball cap on

Baseball cap on

Wispy white hair

Old man by the window

Old man by the window

Coffee gone cold

On a Sunday morning

On a Sunday morning

Lonely bearing

Brimming eyes

Brimming eyes

Vacant to happenings around

Troubled mind

As I sat composing this senryu, I wondered what this old man’s story was. Maybe his wife had died, or his son had forgotten him, or a close friend had deserted him. I searched for some meaning in his unfocused eyes. The waiter, noticing how I was trying so hard to read the old man, settled the doubts in my mind.

“The chap’s just zoned out ma’am. It’s the same every weekend.”

No story there then.