Out in the Blue

(Written for Friday Fictioneers)

Photograph by Douglas M. MacIlroy

Photograph by Douglas M. MacIlroy

“I’m a bird Mommy”, Jimmy had squealed.

“The airplane is flying, not us!” Julia had replied, her knuckles white from clutching the armrest.

“I know we’re birds Mommy, you and me”, Jimmy had whispered.

Julia was white as a sheet. But she had to do this. For Jimmy. Oh how her boy had loved to fly! And fly he did – straight in to an unfortunate mountain last summer.

Julia held her breath as the countdown began.


She squealed and skydived right into the arms of the blue sky.

“We’re really are BIRDS!”, she shouted at an imaginary speck thousands of feet below – which looked like her son in a wheelchair.

The Little Angel

(Written for Daily Prompt)

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

She peeped out of the car; and wished she could play in the sun

Temple visits were so boring; a place you could never have fun.


She saw a lump by the shoe stand; a bundle of blankets entwined

Curiosity got the better of her; the bundle plagued her mind.


She stood by her mother and tried to pray; but her thoughts kept darting back

Were they goodies or toys in there; or just a boring empty sack?


She slipped out quietly; against the priest’s dizzying chants

It was a chilly day in December; she shivered in her sweater and pants.


She tiptoed to the blanket; and poked it with a stick

Imagine her fright when she saw; how the bundle jiggled a bit.


Surreptitiously she looked around; and carefully pulled an edge off

A small nose jutted out; with pudgy lil’ fingers so soft.


“It’s a baby!” she exclaimed; But what was it doing alone?

No sight of a searching face; to soothe it’s aching moan.


Cross-legged she sat on the ground; with the bundle in her lap

“Has anyone lost a baby?”; She wrote on a paper scrap.


They sat there for a while; waiting for a helping hand

Passersby ignored the odd pair; But she didn’t seem to mind.


Parents finished the temple offerings; and what a sight their eyes met

Their little girl with a baby on her lap; what had transpired they could not get.


Explanations were given to all; an orphanage was then found

They had left the baby in able hands; of this the parents were proud.


She walked out with deliberate steps; turning back again and again

Thinking “When I went to school for the first time, did mummy feel the same pain?


She wished she could somehow help; Have a baby brother for life

But there wasn’t much she could do; For she was only five.