Ol’ Lily Fairweather

(Written for Daily Prompt)

Ol’ Lily Fairweather sat in a wheelchair

In her favourite plaid skirt and done up hair

Her ninety-fifth birthday was very pompous

A barbeque party, though she couldn’t stand the ruckus.

She quickly looked around and saw no one in sight,

Slowly and steadily she began to tilt to her right

A helpful nephew quickly propped her straight

Said, “You ought to be in bed, it’s quiet late.”

She sighed and looked again, no one was around

She began to lean to the left without the slightest sound

“Grandma are you sleepy?” asked her pretty daughter

“Or are you feeling unwell, should we call the doctor?”

Lily brushed her off and was left all alone

She began to bend forward with a slight moan

A pair of hands quickly pulled her back at once

Her son quipped, “You’ve not visited the doctor in three-four months!”

The family thought the old lady was losing her balance

Began fussing around her, to talk she was not given a chance

In the end ol’ Lily Fairweather could take it no more

“How do I fart if I don’t move, you morons?” she loudly swore.