The Homecoming

There’s something about today. The cool winds seem soothing, carrying with them faint strains of music being played by people all over; to celebrate the homecoming of their favourite God. I join in the festivities too– putting up decorations, making yummy modaks with mom and beautifying the entire house. Inspite of the hustle, there is a certain sense of calm that has spread across. I find it difficult to identify with this new feeling challenging my soul.

As we enter the idol maker’s chamber to take our idol home, I am amazed at the reverence with which he is treated by all. People, young and old alike, flock around to take his blessings for the version of God that he has created for them. He is like an artist who gives form to their pious thoughts. The humble abode feels nothing short of a temple – with hundreds of idols, big and small, sitting serenely on the shelves – looking at me with the same angelic eyes, which seem to come playfully alive in the shifting candle light.

Dimmed lights, the occasional sounds of fire crackers in the distance, soft classical music playing in the background – all contribute to giving an ethereal radiance to the room. The chants of “Ganpati Bappa Morya” resonate in the room and add rhythm to the tranquility. The atmosphere is so pure that it makes me highly aware of my surroundings and more importantly, about my inner environment. I don’t know if it is the unparalleled reverence which I see on everyone’s face or the belief and unbridled joy with which they welcome the Gods home – there’s something there that makes me unlock a hitherto unknown doorway in my heart. It’s a place where I identify with the moist eyes and serene smiles on the faces of the devotees.

As we walk out with our idol, it begins to rain. I smile at the thought that the Gods themselves seem to be showering their blessings on us. It is a day when the agnostic in me has accepted a certain heavenly presence in my life..It is a day when we all join to welcome Lord Ganesha with open arms and an open hearts..