The Fire Within

Self Portrait by Rishal Bhide

Self Portrait by Rishal Bhide

The fiery sun is out

minds swim in salty seas

wounds burn endlessly

Somewhere along the line, the inner spark for haiku derailed from its course. Here’s picking up the threads and continuing the journey. Again.

The First Haiku

Yellow summer morning sun shines 

Shadows melt through blue tinted window grills

New beginning to old end


I have been used to writing long winding texts – using words and more words to portray the minutest of details. Descriptions, observations, storytelling – I always felt more comfortable using more words.

Was recently introduced to a newer style of writing – lesser words to provide higher impact. Haiku – an unrhymed Japanese style of poetry. It is diametrically opposite to my usual style of wordy writing, but I’m sure I’ll have as much fun composing my haikus and someday be proudly known as a haiku artist.

An attempt will be made to compose a haiku a day.

Thanks Tarun Mazumdar. You’ve opened a whole new world to me.