Accustomed Woes

Looking out of my window this morning, I see the world speed by

People in a continuous series of motion – a flick of the wrist and a slight tilt of the neck being the only signs of a goodbye

Mothers hustling their kids to school and hawkers crying out loud

Tyres screeching and cars honking being the only sound

I see the suited men walking in tandem with the humble clerks

The emancipated artists at crossroads with the wayside jerks

Everyone moves around with a sense of function – a train to catch or a bus to board

With great gusto they march along on their preferred mode

Then why do I feel this strange emptiness in a heart so full of hope

Start I did with dreams held high – now redundant and a lot to cope

It seems to be a question of being at the wrong place at the wrong time

Being reminded endlessly by the walk clock’s chime

Inscrutable questions pop in unexplored recesses of the mind

Some pretty fundamental – though some not very kind

I seek a solution through this continuous confusion

I pause a while to gather my thoughts and get rid of this delusion

It was sometimes me and sometimes the circumstances which create this ruckus

The destiny somehow seems to be in and out of focus

Maybe its time to retrace your steps and go back to a past not so distant

Recheck if what you have become and what you started off to be, remain consistent

Waking Up

It begins with a slight tinkle and suddenly ends with a loud clatter. I wake up with an uncomfortable start.

It’s like being snapped out of a reverie and being slapped by the hand of reality.

Suddenly the open fields metamorphose into graveled roads.

Where the mighty oaks reigned and the rosewood ruled, the earth now bears witness to a concrete jungle.

Where men stood tall and held their heads high, now exist as mere shadows..lowly shifting in the darkness..flinching as a stray beam of light threatens to expose them.

Where the warm shimmering sunlight is replaced by halogens – leaving us with no sense of time.

Where beauty once proudly owned – is now a commodity.

Where children, who were beacons of hope, are now burdens of responsibility.

Where “mistress” is now a word fittingly and grudgingly used to describe your office chores.

Where money seems to buy happiness – albeit temporary – a series of temporaries entered in the books of account as a major gain.

Where plastic smiles and plastic cards are almost as easy as expendables.

Where the brother becomes a foe and the dog becomes the best friend.

Where the world is now just a mouse-click away..human proximity being shattered into oblivion.

Where the only sound heard is the ominous ticking of the clock – in a house full of people and void of mirth.

Where human life has a value – wager against materialistic possessions.

Where the times when there was honour even among thieves, have been brushed to the farthest corner.

Where innocence is lost so young, that it’s almost but a thing of lore.

I wonder if waking up was worth it – there’s a happier place just around the corner, close your eyes, go off to sleep and let your imagination turn the moment magical.

God Of Small Things

Ever walked on a deserted and barren road to suddenly look down and notice life in a small clump of bright flowers stare happily at you? Or felt the gratefulness of that one familiar face when lost in a throng of unknown entities? Ever experienced utter loneliness which is suddenly made redundant by the mere smile of a loved one?

These things may not seem important as we run through our busy schedule. It is at trying times when the presences of these tiny fortunes truly light our lives. Here we see- the God Of Small Things bless us with his magic!!

We are all caught in a rat race. But one never realizes that even if he comes first in the rat race, he still remains a rat.

Take time out to stop and smell the flowers blossoming in the garden, the wondrous patterns that the clouds make in the sky, the sweet chirping of the birds that sounds like music to the ears. (Of course most of the times it sounds like a cacophony or an orchestra gone wrong-especially when it’s the crows who are the musicians!)

They say that you should count your blessings daily. But then unfortunately most of us don’t recognize a blessing even when it stares straight into our faces. It need not be a physical item or commodity that you can touch and see. How about being thankful that you have lived to see yet another day which presents new opportunities and hopes? Or being grateful that all your loved ones are safe and sound and enjoy good health? But in this dog- eat- dog world, the first thing we think about in the morning is about the fight with parents, or how badly we performed in tests.

All the little packets of joy, happiness, beauty, satisfaction are laid out in the open for us to see, probably we don’t look in the right sort of places. As children, a visit to the park or a stick of candy was enough to satisfy us. But now, even when our parents try to satisfy our demands, we remain largely unsatisfied. Material possessions mark our position in the society and we swear by this rule of nature- latest cars, cell phones, gizmos, branded clothes- these remain our priority. But don’t you think that our mind would probably be a little more restful if at some point we achieved that level of satisfaction required for mental peace?

Even physical appearance is often a debatable topic- the nose is not at the right angle, the mouth slightly turns upwards, hair is too curly, hands are short, legs are long- the list is endless. Ask the worth of eyesight to a blind man, of hands and feet to a paraplegic, of ears to a deaf man- and you’ll see how lucky you are to be borne whole. We crib about homework and assignments.. think about the several thousand kids who’ve never even stepped onto the threshold of a school. We complain about how difficult parents are- think about those homeless, abandoned and orphaned kids who don’t even know the names of their parents.

We should learn to appreciate what is given to us; otherwise in the bid of continuously craving for more, we get past the stuff that might actually do us some good.

Most of us miss out on life’s big prizes. The Nobels. The Oscars. The Pulitzers – But we are all eligible for life’s small pleasures- A pat on the back. A full moon. A great meal . A glorious sunset. A lovely walk. A hot soup… Don’t fret about copping life’s grand awards, enjoy its tiny delights.