This Story Has 3 Sides

(Written for Weekly Writing Challenge : This week’s challenge is to tell the same story from two or more unique perspectives in whichever format you want)


The scene: Stark hospital room with a female patient.

In a white bed I lie

Revisiting old memories, happy & sad

Clock ticks as life ebbs

Clock ticks as life ebbs

I smile as the end seems near now

A beckoning arises from the beyond

Woman – The one with all the time, all the enthusiasm but no energy.


The scene: Stark hospital room with a female patient, her husband holding her hand.

They say time heals

But it only deepens the sorrow

My love fades before my eyes

My love fades before my eyes

She smiles to suggest she is ok

My eyes smile back as the heart cries

Husband – The one with all the energy, all the time, but no enthusiasm.


The scene: Stark hospital room with a female patient, her husband holding her hand as the doctor hurries to check the patient’s reports.

I rush past my duties

Mechanically, emotionlessly

Need to catch the matinee show

Need to catch the matinee show

Apart from the drama unfolding in the room

This job defies emotional indulgence

Doctor – The one with all the enthusiasm, all the energy but no time.







A Walk Home

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

Squinting in the summer sun

Going back home

Slow steps walked


Slow steps walked

Each pushing the next

A sorrowful heart


A sorrowful heart

Unchecked emotions

Wishes remained unfulfilled


Wishes remained unfulfilled

One last goodbye

Love departs

Life on the Ebb

(Written for #FWF: Free Write Friday)


Photo credit – Tumblr

Situation: It’s high noon. Sun blazing. You awake in a field and birds are pecking your skin… GO!

Prick prick prick. Peck peck peck.

I squint in the afternoon blaze. The birds relentlessly stick their beaks into my wasted body.

Hah!, I think sarcastically, do I even have enough left in me to feed you?

Happiness lasted till two week ago, before the mad guy with the wispy hair and stinking white coat decided to subject me to this torture. In one of his fanciful mood swings, he decided to test my resilience against attacking foreign beings.

Though I never understood how that would help his research in discovering the first ever bulletproof vest and startle the world with his invention.

But hey, I’m no scientist. I’m just a rat. But not your ever day grubby rat, mind you. I was born in a lab.

I was fed well and taken care of. My grey coat shone as silver and my bright eyes twinkled like diamonds. The only grouse I had with my upbringing was the daily exposure to those blinding red rays which made me itch for a good hour or two. But it was all for the high purpose that my life had to serve.

I should have known that life is not a comfortable bed of fresh bread. However irrational it sounded to my ears – I was reared to meet a painful, agonizing and humiliating death at the hands (beaks) of this brainless flying duds.

I lie here, helplessly waiting for the last drop of blood to be sucked out, the last piece of skin to be torn and the last heartbeat to be heard. Don’t be fooled my friends, you never know who is using you for what purpose.

Prick prick prick. Peck peck peck.

Goodbye, Friend.

Absolute White. Quiet stillness.

You lay there without a care or worry,

While your father stood with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

You lay there with just a rose tint,

While your mother matched the colour of the sheet they covered you with.

You lay there with your eyes shut,

While sleep seemed to have deprived your sister’s swollen eyes.

You lay there with a serene calm,

While your loved ones were lost in tumultuous thoughts.

You lay there seeing future transitions,

While we held on to past memories.

Moments. Conflicting moments.

The Thin Line Between Two Ends

Bright bright light. Hurts my eyes suddenly. I try to close my eyelids but they refuse to close. As if they are stapled to my forehead. The bright light. The light so bright.

I want to turn away from the glare. Turn away. Close my eyes and sleep to the soothing sound of water dropping in the distance. Tip-tap-tip-tap. But I can do neither. The neck feels stiff. Unmovable. As though crucified to the cross. My arms and legs feel like lead. Heavy branches hanging from a dying tree. I can’t flay my arms like a rockstar or run my way out. I am the running rockstar. But now a sleeping rock. It’s a strange feeling – no pain and no movement. Like I have woken up from a deep slumber but my body hasn’t.

I feel like a vegetable. Non-expressive, non-communicative. Just a mere vegetable with a thumping heart and beating brain. Vegetable reminds me of my favourite curry that Ma makes. Culinary magic. Ma’s a magician. 

I don’t know how long I have slept. I feel a slight pressure on my hand. Fleeting, but present. My heart leaps – I could Feel. I had felt like I would never feel again. My ever open eyes catch a glimpse of a draped kanjeevaram. I see Ma. Beautiful Ma. Dressed in her best to cheer me up. She always dressed up when she was low- said it made her look at the brighter side of life. Baba and I found it funny. But today I felt cheerful. I tried to catch as many colours as I possibly could.

Baba. I see him sitting listlessly by the window. Crying eyes full of water. But the man he is- he won’t allow a single drop to fall. As though they are his cherished memories that he doesn’t want to let go of. That laughing smile is fixed upside down. Sunlight streaks his face. He looks a decade younger than the last time he gave me a bear hug. Baba. My superman. Now fighting with reality, not the demons of my nightmares. But he is a strong man- my Baba.

Suddenly a revived energy flushes through me. I blink. Move my arms. Wriggle my toes. Stand up and stretch my back. I feel the breath of fresh air. “Independence from the wretched bed”, I want to scream. My reverie is broken by a loud wail. Ma. And a heart wrenching cry that chills me. Baba. It kills me to see my superhero broken.

But I smile now. “I can feel my body now Ma”, I silently scream. “I am free now Baba”, I silently implore. I turn back one last time before leaving- as they crowd a forever static me.

In Coma. A Comma. A Full-stop.

I fly away with the angels.

The Man He Is..

He stands tall and proud as a man self-made.  
The advancing of years is a witness to his gradually stooping back, 
But with a head held high, he never once loses his poise. 
He is reduced to a mere vegetable, but the dignity he commands belies all other prelusions.

Unbeknown to all, he gently glides into the deep black corridor. 
Not knowing what he is leaving behind, not knowing what he’ll find ahead.
A thrilling excitement of adventures is to come or an underlying fear of the unknown lies in his wait?

It is a rough road to traverse.
The winds seem stronger and the sun seems harsher.
But there is an unnatural calm inside.
An answer found to all of life’s worries.
The only stable factor in an unstable universe. 

To Nimesh, With Love


Hi dude,

Ssup? Wow, it sure is weird writing a letter to you. But then you’ve gone so far away from us that I wonder if they have an Airtel connection there. I try calling you like a million times, but then, your phone is switched off. Like always, I send a nasty message to revert and expect your call anytime now – full of reasons for being unavailable on the phone – ranging from “I was just about to call you, but then….” or “I was stuck in traffic” to the eternal classic “I was in a photo shoot”. But no such call came from you. Not today. Not ever.

God has funny ways of showing us just how much we take people for granted, and just how much importance they hold in our lives – it is by taking them away from us. Sure we have had our ups and downs, but then, who doesn’t? Fights, laughter, lengthy discussions about random topics, train journeys, photo escapades were all so much fun with you around. And our unsaid policy of “politely agreeing to disagree” on matters of conflict helped us to not get at each other’s throats!

The bond we shared has been so inexplicable, so beautiful. So full of life, so genuine, so crazy – it will take a while to get used to the fact that you aren’t going to be around to pump my enthusiasm. You’ve been a wonderful friend – helping me when I was totally messed up with my own life, making me believe in myself once more and convincing me to do what I love the most.

Of course I’m mad at you for going away so suddenly, so rudely – but then I understand, God too wants some kick-ass people around him for entertainment. You know, it poured like crazy for about 15 minutes after they got you home. I knew you had reached your final destination then – only you could have convinced Him to send us a shower after the near draught in Mumbai. I looked up at the sky and smiled. I almost reached out my hand to touch you as you lay motionless on the floor – but you looked so peaceful that I did not have the heart to wake you up.

Maybe I should have hugged you a little tighter when I bid you goodbye last night. Maybe I should have stayed back for some more time to talk. Maybe I should have listened more carefully even when you ranted about mundane things. But you are gone now – and all I am left with are the “Maybe’s”

So how is it up there? Lush greens and endless blues? I can imagine you sipping on some good old wine, working your charm on the pretty ladies with delicate wings and enjoying thoroughly in the land where the sun never sets. Yeah, it’s going to be a while where you can continue mingling with the celestial bodies on your own – but mind you, when the rest of us join you up there, we’ll start off from where we left and have one Hell of a time!

You are free now, free from the bonds that bind us to this world of unwarranted expectations. You are in a happier place now – wherever you may be.

Rest In Peace Nimesh, hope you bid adieu to this world knowing fully well that you were loved by so many of us here and will be missed by many more.
Catch ya later, stud! Lotsa love!

The Best Enemy or the Worst Friend?

Sly as a fox, quiet as a mouse
You never know when or where you would meet her
At the bazaar, on the wharf or in the middle of a bustling street
Sometimes in the unlikeliest of places

There’s relief for a moment – but you never know when you’ll run into her lurking around the next corner
She teases you, tantalizes you, makes you suffer

You know she is your hated foe – you want her nowhere near you
You are just not prepared to submit to her whims and fancies

No amount of running will ever be enough – it is only a moment till she decides to overtake you
No hideout would ever be shelter enough – she will keenly follow your scent and find you

Unfriendly and ruthless, she will see right through your farce when you try to manipulate her
Her arrival marks the onset of a dark hour
Rendering all into a vale of melancholy

She comes in at the bleakest of hours or the brightest of moments
You may cheat her for a while
But sooner or later she will arrive amongst fanfare and take you away

There are times when she is your closest friend
Giving you a hope of release from this misery

A charmer to the core – you always end up giving in to her
At times when you feel she almost has you in her grip – her warm breath managing to chill you to the bone –
She lets you off without an explanation
Never a hint of when she will return

Away to a far off land she leads you – a land where you never know what to expect
Where happiness knows no bounds and sadness bids adieu
Brings a sense of balance and gives an underlying definition to life
In those final moments, she whispers caressingly
Promising to make your transition smooth and make you look at the new journey with enthusiasm

“Death” they call her – a pretty two-faced bitch that she is.