She Stands Alone

She stands there alone.
In the middle of a crowded street.
Wispy. Willowy. Gently swaying in the sparing wind.
Chimney smoke creating a halo around her.
She’s brown. So brown. Her supple torso creased with years of folds.
The world wears a dull gray coat.

Her lush green leaves dewdropped in the early morn.
Cars chugging poison from their vacant mouths.

The sun reflects from her glistening body.
The two-legged beings wiping sweat from their brow.

She looks up at the pretty pink flowers on her branches.
Then at the ugly garbage bin standing against her.

A hearty smile escapes her. Towards the new sapling opening its eyes.
While noisy children bawl to be fed by their bearers.

A calm spreads through her limbs.
An everyday cacophony shouts around her. 
She stands there alone. Happy. Brown. Green. Pink.
In the middle of a crowded street.


A dark so bright
It hurts the eye to look

A silence so deafening
It makes me cringe

A smile so constricted
It hurts to move a muscle

A shallow so deep
It beckons into an endless abyss

Yesterday so long gone
It envelopes the world in vast folds of the unknown

A line so twisted
It loses me in a maze of confusion

I await sanctity. I await freedom.