It’s called a ‘NEW’ year for a reason


A new year starts today

Let last year’s regrets & sorrows be left at bay


Live more, love more & laugh more

Don’t look at any bleak day as an eye sore


Just because it’s fanciful you needn’t make a resolution

Most of the times breaking it is the only solution


Find your beacon of happiness & treasure your island of hope

Push yourself only to a limit you can cope


Don’t be too harsh, give yourself a break

You deserve it for your own sake


Stay your dreams, don’t let them go

Even if the learned tell you so


Harness your strengths, be your own superman

Give your all to everything you can


Polish your mind, dazzle in your sheen

Wish you a wonderful Two Thousand Fifteen

A Dreamy Journey

(Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy)

It was raining hard that day. The phone got wet and the photographs went all hazy. But then, I realised, they had a different kind of beauty.

Walking out of my office building, I saw this horse cart turn into our lane.

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

I reached the railway station, and a wonderful sight met my eyes.

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

The phone continued taking hazy images, but I had begun to have fun by now. Here’s another along the railway tracks.

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

Wait, but first, let me take a selfie 🙂

Off the train and on my way home.

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

Photograph by Rishal Bhide

A Song Or Two

 (Written for Friday Fictioneers)

Photograph by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photograph by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

My dearest pink cheeked lady

You make me go Boom! Bang! Pow!

My heart drum rolls every time I behold you

You are an inspiration to my musical chow.


If you are the pluck, I am the string

If you are the rhythm, I am the tune

If you are the piano’s white, I am the black

For you my love, I’ll even jam on the moon.


You complete the harmony of my unmelodious life

I wonder if you would like to be my wife

We’ll make songs of love and despair

If the neighbours complain, we just wouldn’t care.

Mix Salad

(Written for Weekly Writing Challenge : This week’s challenge is to use the aid of an unreliable narrator in telling your story)

“C’mon Jenna, hurry up with my tea, will ya?”

Old Ma hollered down the hallway. Tess shivered. She hated the Thursday of every week. For it meant it was her turn to serve Old Ma for the day – breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, high tea, dinner and everything in between. The torture was unbearable. Snide remarks, occasional slaps and the volley of curses – she seemed to bring out the worst in that horrible woman.

“Lost in thought again, are you? Are you making fanciful plans of going to Hollywood? Or is it the yatch trip with that despicable boy Jerry? C’mon you daydreaming cow, do you think I have all day to sit and wait for a stupid fluff like you?”

“‘Not that you have a choice,” Tess sighed. She knew Fanny had set the wooden legs afire on purpose. Which meant Old Ma was confined to her room all the time. Fanny was such a lovable girl –always up to some mischief! She always had this twinkle in her eye, as though life was a big joke to her. “Someday I would like to be as fun as her,” Tess thought ruefully, walking out with the meal tray. Shivering from head to toe.

On top of the staircase, she was glad Nyla took over. Nyla had always been good to her. Whenever Tess was in trouble, Nyla would be her saving grace. That girl seemed to worship the old woman. There was a sort of reverence in her eyes that was definitely not fake. She knocked the door and quietly entered Old Ma’s room.

“What a mess this place is,” thought Zenia. She made it a point to leave the room spic and span, and yet every morning the room looked like it had been struck by a hurricane. “What have you done this time Beth?” Zenia sighed. It was true that no one petrified Old Ma more that Beth, but this was getting out of hand now – if not checked in time, she would probably end up killing the old woman. “Not that anyone would be upset about that,” Zenia grinned. She was glad to not be on the receiving end when Beth was in her full blown fury – those angry red eyes would make even the most brave hearted cower in fright.

Old Ma placed the tray on her lap and looked up, not sure who to expect today. Her eyes immediately softened and she clutched the pretty girl in front of her. “Marion! Oh thank heavens it’s you! I’ve missed you my baby. Don’t leave me. Please don’t. The others…the others…they are you but just…just not you.”

“I know Ma, I’ve missed you too.” Marion smiled at her mother. She stared out of the window enjoying the moment…not knowing which one of the others would take over her mind next.


I Was Something Else, You Know

(Written for Friday Fictioneers)

Photograph by Claire Fuller

Photograph by Claire Fuller

You are famous – there are those who are awed by you and want to emulate you in every way. Flattering? Of course!

You are famous – killed for being so lovable, set in stone for the rest of eternity, someone steals your identity and parades around pretending to be you. Flattering? No way!

Welcome to the wo-duh-rld of San Claude.

Have you perchance seen that bulge-bellied, red-donning, sack-carrying, bearded man? That’s the crook. Goes by the name ‘Santa Claus’. Hand him o’er to the sheriff the next time you see him.

And the ‘HO-HO-HO!’ was originally my signature laugh.




The Window Scraper

(Written for Friday Fictioneers)

It has been so many months since I wrote a flash for FF. Glad to be back 🙂

Photograph by Ted Strutz

Photograph by Ted Strutz


Scrape! Scrape!

Without glancing at the screen behind her, Stella knew it was Dooz at work again.

Dooz had been given his plastic dental tools as a reward for good behaviour.

Each day, he spent some time trying to scrape the life out of the window. ‘I need some fresh air’, he complained in his shrill voice.

It had been three years but there was not even a scratch on the fortified window.

Stella suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder.

The last thing she heard was Dooz’s icy voice in her ear – “You forgot the door was made of weaker glass missy.”




‘The Xposé’ Movie Review : A dark, mysterious and unintentionally funny story about…    

…well, I could have finished writing the entire plot of The Xposé (mind the é) in the headline itself, but on second thoughts there were so many things I wanted to say – that it resulted in the not-so-brief rant given below.

 [Spoiler alert:  There is nothing I could say that will spoil the movie for you.]

I have never ever gone to the lengths of clicking photographs during a movie and making this kind of photo collage for any celebrity, big or small. But Himesh, you COMMAND my attention.

I have never ever gone to the lengths of clicking photographs during a movie and making this kind of photo collage for any celebrity, big or small. But Himesh, you COMMAND my attention.

Anyways, back to the movie.


The story is about cop-turned-South Indian acting sensation Ravi Kumar (Himesh) who gets his first break in Bollywood. Two aspiring actresses vie for attention as they work towards their debut movies. Two directors want to make the biggest movies of their lives. One music director sells the same tune to the two directors and has a hot older wife. And love blossoms somewhere along the way. And then someone dies. And they realise it isn’t suicide, but murder. And the story unfolds in the weirdest way possible. Everyone who is anyone in the movie is on the suspect list without a valid reason. The ‘cop’ in Ravi Kumar surfaces to identify the murderer – not by an act of sleuth, but by (believe-it-or-not) screening everybody with his kaatilana nazar. Sweet.

Another collage for the man. And this time Himesh's got a personal meme! Woohoo! This guy is unstoppable I tell you.

Another collage for the man. And this time Himesh’s got a personal meme! Woohoo! This guy is unstoppable I tell you.

Anyways, back to the movie.

It has been a while since I saw The Xposé, but I was finding it a bit difficult to put into words what I felt about the movie. Now that I’ve become coherent enough, I shall express my views as thus –

  • After more than 2 years, Himesh Reshammiya is back – lean, mean and raring to go! He wears a lot more clothes than the actresses – because hell yeah, they are the ones Xposé-ing. However, he wears a lot of lip gloss and endeavours to pout while attempting to appear suave. Aww adorable. Not.
  • The movie has absolutely no premise. The writer has decided to pull up his socks and smoke up while writing the script. Result – there are HUGE gaping holes in the story which are left up to audience to go figure. ‘Involving’ viewers in the story has taken a whole new twist.
  • Most of the cast has the emotional bandwidth of a wrinkled piece of cloth hung to dry in the hot sun (Doesn’t make sense, eh? You get the point now?)
  •  The movie claims to be ‘The Biggest Vintage Musical Thriller of the year’. You see none of these in the movie. Liars.
  • The dialogues are lame duck and delivered with such deadpan expressions by Himesh that they are even funnier. Sample this – “Tere jism mein itna khoon nahi hoga jitna Ravi Kumar ek baar mein moot deta hai” or “Itna marunga ke judge ke order order bolne ke pehle tere liye ambulance order ho jayega
  • Why is Irfan Khan in the movie? Just why?

On a different note, there is apparently a part 2 being considered. Like we didn’t have enough with the first. May God collectively bless our souls.


Re-Xpose anyone?


‘Yellow’ Movie Review : An extraordinary story of a not-so-ordinary girl



An irresponsible father, a loving mother, an accusing society, a pitiful uncle, a struggle against all odds, a love story between mother and coach, a school bully, father comes back, preachy messages and a last minute nail-biting finale.

Irresponsible father and loving mother yes, but Yellow stops at that. This is no run-of-the mill sob fest, nor is it a preach-a-thon at the end of which you are left with an overdose of thought. It is a simple story of how a mother’s only wish is to ensure that her daughter gets the respect she deserves from society. Yellow is Gauri’s story.

Gauri has Down’s Syndrome and lives life on her own terms. Her mother Mugdha (wonderfully portrayed by Mrinal Kulkarni) leaves her husband (Manoj Joshi in a small but impactful role) after he attempts to let Gauri drown in hopes to take a chance to restart the family and beget a child who can live his dreams and not one he is ashamed to talk about in public. Mugdha’s brother Shri (Hrishikesh Joshi) supports the mother and child. He is the voice of reason whenever Mugdha doesn’t know the way ahead.

Gauri grows up is stubborn, fun-loving and extremely fond of playing pranks – being ‘Denise the Menace’ to fellow residents in the building. What starts off as swimming lessons to improve eye-hand co-ordination, turns out to be the turning point in Gauri’s life – she finds her true calling and goes on to win a silver in swimming at the Olympics. She is trained by a strict swimming coach (Upendra Limaye in yet another power-packed performance) who leaves no stone unturned to make her a competitive fighter. He refuses to see her as a ‘special’ child and treats her as he would any of his protégés.  One of the most memorable scenes is when the coach digresses from his usual teaching style to teach Gauri the butterfly stroke by incorporating the lesson in a story – and Gauri’s immediate responsiveness to the story as she masters the stroke effortlessly.


There are no distracting sub plots and the entire focus is on the central character. If she isn’t in a scene, she is being talked about in it.. Debutante director Mahesh Limaye has delivered a fine movie and has managed to extract a brilliant performance from the entire cast. What is most heart warming is to see Gauri Gadgil playing herself in the movie. Any other actor in her shoes wouldn’t have been able to have that impact. With Gauri, you know that every emotion is as real as it can be. You smile when she smiles, you feel satisfied as she sleeps after a hard day at the pool, you get annoyed at the coach for his grueling practice sessions, you feel warmth when you look at her mother smile. And you gotta see this girl in water! Strong powerful strokes, lithe body and the grace of a fish under water – makes you wanna jump off your seat and be a part of her water world!

The movie teaches us to be humane. Its central message is summed up in a line that one of Gauri’s teachers says, “It is important to accept these kids than to expect from them”. Don’t treat these children as a liability. With a little more patience and the right training, they can turn in to assets that you will be proud off – as in case of Gauri’s father when he sees his daughter’s photograph in the newspaper. The movie is not content at just leaving it as a creative narration. It moves beyond and gives a positive insight to its viewers.

At the end of it all, you know there’s much more to Gauri that makes her a ‘special’ child.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a post dedicated to my favourite Weekly Photo Challenge. Hopefully, I shall continue posting more stuff in the days to come (as I promised myself the last time I posted!). Also, this topic is from about 2 weeks back, but I was busy getting married, so I guess some leeway is allowed here 😉

So the deal is that I absolutely love selfies.  Here’s a look at some of Me.

Self paparazzi and the drama which follows

Selfie by Rishal Bhide

Selfie by Rishal Bhide


Caught in a spoon

Selfie by Rishal Bhide

Selfie by Rishal Bhide


Shy and demure I am…NOT

Selfie by Rishal Bhide

Selfie by Rishal Bhide


There was this time, when I caught myself in the webcam

Selfie by Rishal Bhide

Selfie by Rishal Bhide


This isn’t a bad hair day, it is a lot of hair oil and fun PJs!

Selfie by Rishal Bhide

Selfie by Rishal Bhide

Let my country live

Our country is on the threshold of a long awaited shift – mental and political. Will this change sustain long enough? Will the change initiators and change influencers have good heads on their shoulders? Only time will tell. 


Courtesy – Google

We have a chance for fair redemption from errors of past

Don’t be selfish when change is upon us

Let my country be born again.


Rest your ungainly demands for power

Don’t choke us during this fight to the top

Let my country breathe.


There’s a new wave of emotion running through our veins

Don’t pull back when all is finally falling in place

Let my country live.


Support those who lead us towards a better future

Don’t be leeches that suck every ounce of progress

Let my country sustain.