About Me


I live just south of Sanity – a mere 10km drive from “O hell, I’m bonkers”.
I love writing – It is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..
I love talking – I am fluent in Gibberish and Sarcasm..
I love photography – I want you to see the world as I see it..
I love travelling – The adrenaline rush to get to a new place or see an old place in new light, brings back the zing in life..
I love dancing – Bring on the music fellas!!
I love me – So Weird, Always Random, Creatively Crazy, Easily Bored, Super Happy and Very Loud!!!

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great fiction — don’t stop, keep writing; and great wit. 🙂 Thank you for following my blog, Rishal, and giving me a chance to visit yours. This is definitely not going to be my last time here!

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