I Was Something Else, You Know

(Written for Friday Fictioneers)

Photograph by Claire Fuller

Photograph by Claire Fuller

You are famous – there are those who are awed by you and want to emulate you in every way. Flattering? Of course!

You are famous – killed for being so lovable, set in stone for the rest of eternity, someone steals your identity and parades around pretending to be you. Flattering? No way!

Welcome to the wo-duh-rld of San Claude.

Have you perchance seen that bulge-bellied, red-donning, sack-carrying, bearded man? That’s the crook. Goes by the name ‘Santa Claus’. Hand him o’er to the sheriff the next time you see him.

And the ‘HO-HO-HO!’ was originally my signature laugh.





9 thoughts on “I Was Something Else, You Know

  1. Rishal, Your story is confusing to readers. I looked iup Santa Claus on Google. Most westerners think of Santa Claus as myth plus the legend of St. Nicholas. Therefore, they think of him as a type of saintly figure and get mildly upset when he’s called a thief, even when they know he’s mostly myth. If you’re referring to the god Odin, most people don’t know about that, so get confused. The story was well written. 🙂 —Susan

    • Thanks for the comment Susan.

      The moment I saw the photograph, the first thing I thought was- hey that could be my Santa. the theme is ‘fiction’ and that’s how I’ve written my story; what if the Santa we know is not what he seems. And I’m sure as a writer, there are some creative liberties that can be taken.

      All in all, there was no intention to hurt any sentiments.

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