The Window Scraper

(Written for Friday Fictioneers)

It has been so many months since I wrote a flash for FF. Glad to be back 🙂

Photograph by Ted Strutz

Photograph by Ted Strutz


Scrape! Scrape!

Without glancing at the screen behind her, Stella knew it was Dooz at work again.

Dooz had been given his plastic dental tools as a reward for good behaviour.

Each day, he spent some time trying to scrape the life out of the window. ‘I need some fresh air’, he complained in his shrill voice.

It had been three years but there was not even a scratch on the fortified window.

Stella suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder.

The last thing she heard was Dooz’s icy voice in her ear – “You forgot the door was made of weaker glass missy.”





21 thoughts on “The Window Scraper

  1. Doors of glass? He didn’t scrape through the door, did he?
    I’m not sure if my interpretation is correct. If it is, yours is a wonderful story. 😛
    You could maybe make it a bit clearer. As I understand it, the murderer sneaks through the door when Stella is looking after Dooz. Yes?

  2. Rishal, The only thing I don’t understand is what kind of institution the man is in. Is he a mental patient. A criminal in a regular prison wouldn’t be gifted with any type of digging or scraping tool, plastic or otherwise. Of course this is fiction. Well written with good tension. 🙂 —Susan

    • Dear Susan,
      In the original idea, I did describe the setting a bit. But then, it seemed redundant.
      It’s open to your imagination now 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dear Rishal, You wrote and very good and scary story! What is so creepy about it, to me, is that she thought the scraping was coming from the window behind her instead of the glass door. Well, I think that’s the last “good conduct” award and gift he will get. We have 3 glass doors in this house, and they do scare me sometimes. I wish I had my doggie back – they are great as watchdogs! Nan 🙂

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