I Am (my own) Rock

(Written for Daily Prompt)

Self Portrait by Rishal Bhide

Self Portrait by Rishal Bhide

With self reliance comes a great responsibility. There is no one to blame for that wrong decision you made, no one to question when things don’t go according to the plan, no one to lean on in times of distress.

But, there also comes a great sense of freedom. Of being independent. Of being responsible for your own actions, and their own outcomes.

I am that kind of person. I don’t like to burden someone else with my life’s issues. That is something I have to deal with on my own. And most times, I do a fine job of it. Writing helps me a lot these days. Writing about what I feel, why I feel that way, unspoken words – all find their way into my stories (maintained in a separate private blog). At the end of the day, you need an outlet – and writing is mine.

However, it does get difficult to grapple with issues especially when I am down on emotion. But what is gained from such experiences is the ability to take a multi-sided view of situations. I look at things from different perspectives even when the situation concerns other people. At least for me, it helps me empathize with them in a more effective manner.

But the downer on this is I come across as someone who doesn’t share stuff with others (which I obviously am). I see people trying hard to get through to me, while I fight to keep them at an arm’s distance. Don’t want to  too many people getting to close to me, and in the process getting hurt.

This has miffed a lot of my closed ones. I’m trying to strike a balance somewhere.

Sometime soon.

13 thoughts on “I Am (my own) Rock

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  6. Funny how we are both thinking about similar things. As far as the way you deal with struggles, a wise friend once said to me “whatever works for you”. 🙂

    • That is just the kind of thing I needed to hear! Shall keep in mind next time 🙂
      I’m grateful for all the advice I get from various quarters when I’m a bit low, but there are times when you don’t want advice. You know what has to be done. All you need is someone to listen.

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