The Corner Guy

(Written for #FWF Free Write Friday)


I am John. Also known as ‘The corner guy’.

If you’ve been here long enough, you know who I am.

And if you don’t know me, let me clarify that I am not in-sane. I am in-love.

I still remember that day, 21 autumns back, when my dear Jenny turned around this very corner and never came back. I yelled after her despite my sore throat,

“I’ll wait for you forever”.

I’m still here as promised, but she never came back. There hasn’t been a day when I haven’t sat on this very piece of concrete waiting for her. My apartment window sits facing me grimly, but I have no intention of going back home, lest she comes back looking for me and I miss seeing her.

I regret giving her no choice other than leaving me. I was a broken man then. I am a shattered man now. With every breath I try to piece together my heart which broke into a million pieces, with the hope that when she sees me again, I shall be whole.

Maybe they’ll write a book about me someday. Maybe they’ll make a movie. Maybe they laugh at me for being the weird guy who writes and sings love songs on his guitar. Maybe they think I am an epitome of true love.

There are a lot of maybes. But just one you.  

Jen darling, if you are out there, you know where to find me. Just around our favourite corner.

Let’s give love another chance.


15 thoughts on “The Corner Guy

  1. Wow, so powerful is love! I think this was beautifully done. It’s so interesting to see what emotions one photo can invoke in different people. “There are a lot of maybes. But just one you.” man, that is so awesome, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I absolutely loved reading this FWF, the verse was a great introduction to your narrative. I loved the relationship (or lack of it), fabulous descriptions. This free write absorbed me totally!

  3. I must admit, the lost love and the “wait for ever” made me cry. A good cry, because your words moved me. I hope they write a book and make a movie about the man who never gave up. The song “If it takes forever, I will wait for you.” is running through my mind — based on your writing and having seen the Umbrellas of Cherbourg recently.

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