‘Ghanchakkar’ Movie Review : More misses than hits


The opening credits of Ghanchakkar roll to the sound of Richa Sharma’s nazal ‘Lazy Lad’ – a quirky well-written song that builds up similar expectations from the movie. But unfortunately, it all goes downhill from this point.

Emraan Hashmi plays the role of Sanjay Atre, a suave master safe cracker, on the road to salvation from the big bad world of robbery. And he does this by lazily watching TV all day. His laidback world is forever challenged by his fashion-crazy Punjabi wife Neetu (Vidya Balan). Sanju decides to commit one last heist with the accomplice duo Pandit (Rajesh Sharma) and Idris (Namit Das) to ensure that he will never have to worry about money again. The robbery goes without a hitch and Sanju takes the 35 crores for safe keeping. Things take a bizarre turn when three months later the duo return to claim their money, only to find Sanju suffering from a post-accident amnesia. They realize he has forgotten a lot of things, including the place where the money is hidden.  The rest of the movie is devoted to the hunt for the money.

There are alternating high and low points in the movie. Neetu, in the seductive red dress, devil horns and guitar strap velcroed to the shoulder – funny. Idris having phone sex and just wearing underwear in the next 5 scenes – not funny.

The biggest disappointment, however, is the abrupt and odd end. When you finally know where the money was hidden, you surely say, “Hey, I didn’t think of that!” But the scenes leading up to this revelation are sketchy and badly written. The introduction of a new character in the last 10 minutes greatly reduces the impact of a pivotal climax.

But let’s be fair, the story did manage to keep us guessing till the end – where did all the money go? Is Sanju faking the amnesia? Has Neetu stashed away the money? Who is the unknown guy who threatens Sanju over the phone?

Rajkumar Gupta’s first two films – No One Killed Jessica and Aamir were hard hitting and made the critics sit up and take notice. His attempt at a comic thriller, however, is a bit disappointing. He has tried and failed to capture the angst and insecurity of an amnesic, concentrating more on the sub plot.

Ghanchakkar-Vidya-Balan-and-imran-hashmi-wallpaperEmraan carries of the load of the movie with ease. He even manages to look dapper in the red polka dotted pyjamas chosen by his wife. This grossly underrated actor, seems wasted in this movie.  Vidya, as the feisty Punjaban, stays true to her character. And also manages to be the only eye sore as well. You wonder which Vogue or Femina (which she vehemently swears by) would advice a housewife to dress up in inappropriately garish upholstery!

Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das share as much screen time as the lead actors. Both have done justice to their characters – playing the part of a cheesy guru and the hyper, vegetable munching chela respectively.

The dialogues and screenplay seem forced at most times. Apart from a few laughable gags, there are barely any moments when you would want to even smile.

The music album is crisp, entertaining and effectively captures the mood of the story. It is a relief to see songs which are situational and take the story forward. Kudos to music director Amit Trivedi and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya (who seem to come in a package deal these days!)

Despite the good plot, interesting characters and stellar acting, Ghanchakkar has failed to strike a chord due to the average execution. Quite forgettable, this  one.


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