The Choodiwala (The Bangle Seller)

choodi/choodis – bangle/bangles

choodiwala – bangle seller

nimboopani – lemon juice+water, a popular refreshing drink


Vidya+Sury+Bangles2-001The wandering choodiwala walked on now

His wares resting atop his shoulder

Greasy palms wiping his sweaty brow


The glass bangles played the sunlight reflecting game

Boldly in kaleidoscopic colours

Bashfully putting the rainbow to shame


He squinted tiredly at the sky

And he craved for some cold nimboopani

It had been a long day today


A shoulder tap woke him from his reverie

“Can I get some green choodis for my mother please?”

Asked the blind man looking weary


“All the colours are amazing”, the choodiwala replied

“Why would you want just a green?

How about the dazzling blue, glorious green and fiery red?”


“Green”, the blind man continued to insist

It was his mother’s favourite colour

To no other colour he would shift


How could the choodiwala  ask the man himself to choose

The green bangles from the bunch

He sighed and picked a nearby bunch, he had nothing to lose


It felt bad to cheat a blind man, the thought chewed his mind

He wasn’t sure which bunch he had given him

For no one else knew that the choodiwala was colour blind



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