The Return

(Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction)

“It’s been seven years but that vile woman STILL won’t leave your mind. Get out of my house!”, Erica screamed furiously, spit fountains flying around unabashedly.

Two strong forces occupied the room. She, the erupting volcano. I, the calm sea.

I didn’t want to lie to myself again.

Photograph by Alastair Forbes

Photograph by Alastair Forbes

I walked, then jogged and finally ended up running – excited like an eager teenager on his first date.

Our favourite lane. It felt like home. Every leaf and stone seemed familiar. This bend was where we first met, that tree we shared our first kiss under, and those steps led to the church where we…

I felt her presence before she called out. Her perfume made me go weak in the knees, even after all these years. She still looked exactly like the photograph in my wallet.

Lauren – my wife. If only she would have me back.

9 thoughts on “The Return

    • Quite frankly, when I first saw the picture, I thought of so many stories that could be woven around this photograph. But sometime later when I sat down to write, I couldn’t remember any other but this one!

      Thoughts flit around, in and out of the mind!

      • I did try to reply to this several times, but it didn’t work on the bus

        Sometimes when I see a photo, a story pops into my head and I make a mental note to use that photo in the Fiction set. Then when I come to it, I wrack my brain to try and remember what it was and end up coming up with something else entirely 😆

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