For You. That Thing Called ‘Love’

She sits by the window, watching life rush through; Change comes fleetingly, in numbers too few

Stuck in a routine waiting to break away; To uncomplicate the simple on some fine day

A sadness clouds her pretty little face; Lost in memories of her thoughts’ crystal maze

She swims in and out between the present and past; Unnoticing people and things that run away fast

She’s the girl with the book and a pen in hand; Dreamily drawing doodles, the mind in a faraway land

A smile that is smiled but doesn’t reach her eyes; A laugh is laughed but is far from nice

Then the café door opens, a wisp of wind brushes by; It whispers sweet nothings, no one knows why

She knows that he is somewhere out there; Her cheeks flush red, sweat drops from her hair

She sees without seeing, his eyes sweep the throng; She hears without hearing, he hums her favourite song

He’s tall, he’s quiet, he slicks behind a table; Nonchalantly orders his beer and switches on the cable

Loud blares the music but he doesn’t give a damn; He breathes in her presence, as slow as he can

In the far corner of the room he sights her there; As she sips hot coffee and munches an éclair

Their glances meet, an electric bright start; Love at first sight sails through the heart

The din that surrounds them is rendered unaware; They hold each other in a minute’s constant stare

Out of the blue things take a quick turn; Salvage for the prolonged heart burn

A reason to be happy, a reason to celebrate; A curtain is raised, she feels so great

Then begin the musings and all grief is lost; Innocent brushes of the hand and soft talks at the most

She loves his warmth that bathes her so; She reaches out to him, asking for more

She’s set free like a bird wafting through the sky; Her clipped wing ceases to make her shy

A glimmer of hope out comes to shine; Forever us, she tells him, forever mine.