A dark so bright
It hurts the eye to look

A silence so deafening
It makes me cringe

A smile so constricted
It hurts to move a muscle

A shallow so deep
It beckons into an endless abyss

Yesterday so long gone
It envelopes the world in vast folds of the unknown

A line so twisted
It loses me in a maze of confusion

I await sanctity. I await freedom.

More Than Words

He saw her first. Her skin glistened with sweat droplets on the hot afternoon – like illuminated diamonds against her wheatish skin. They sat next to each other at the bus stop. 

His musky smell is what made her look at him. A stray lock of hair flopped on his forehead – giving a boyish charm to his strong masculine jaw. Aware of the bustling traffic, loud honking, jostling crowds, screaming kids and screeching tires – yet unaware.

Fingers gripping the railing- a breath of fresh wind humming through their hair. Not a word passed between them for a long while. But it felt like the best conversation two strangers could ever have.

“You are something else you know”, he said to her as she walked towards the bus. And she knew. Many had called her different, mysterious and one-of-a-kind – but she could never figure what they meant. But she knew the meaning this time. She climbed into the bus, and smiled for the first time in days.

My Life Colour..

If life were to be defined as a single colour, mine would most definitely be black.

No, not because I’m gothic, attracted towards the darker side of life or am deeply depressed and beyond repair. Neither do I follow the fashionable trend of having a eerie fascination for the dark.

It’s because black is all-encompassing. Unambiguous and to-the-point. Standing apart from the crowd of colours, not a hint of emotion shown. No bias, no affinity to groups of warm or cool.

Having a long standing identity of its own. Distinctly different – at the end of the spectrum.

A slight change in composition – and it remains unaffected. A larger intrusion – and it is a different personality.

Alas, I can’t find a deeper shade of black.

It Just Takes A Moment

She knew it had ended.
Like a simple switch which was turned off.
No regrets. No sadness. No jealousy. No remorse. No guilt. No longing.

Hoping for years together to get out of this mess – going away from people, into unknown corners of a bruised heart.
And just one singular moment which took it all away.
One moment when her life went by in a flash and she heaved a sigh of relief.

It was one thing to convince herself that she was ok.
But another ball game to truly know that circumstances would no longer affect her as they did earlier .

A sudden lull came over her.
Like a heavy load lifted off. Like finding a stream of clear spring water while walking in a parched desert. Like finding the end to a long, dark, snaking tunnel.

So giddy headed with happiness, she began to laugh uncontrollably. And everything around seemed to join in the mirth.
Trees shook with renewed vigour, the earth emanated a hidden warmth, the stars danced in the dizzying sky – as she basked in the hazy glow that surrounded her.

There was no looking back now.
A feeling of elation clouded her mind. A feeling of satisfaction found place in her heart. A feeling of freedom embraced her soul.

Liberation. Emancipation. Redemption.