The Call

“Come back”, she heard a voice.
She turned back to see who it was, but the road lay empty behind her.
She continued walking aimlessly.
Lost. Disoriented.
Watching her world crumble around her. Bit by bit, fading away.
“Come back”, she heard again.
Still no one around.
Panicked, her steps gathered speed.
Away from the call.
“It’s alright. Come back to where you belong.”
A persistent beckoning.
Eerily familiar. Oddly personal. Invoking déjà vu.
And so she knew who it belonged to.
Someone she had known all her life.
Through ups and downs, smiles and frowns.
It was her own voice.
A faint ghost of the person she once was.
Of a person she wanted to be.
Of a person she was looking for in this chaos around her.
Piercing through the remnant sanctity of her mind.
It came from within her, yet seemed miles afar.
A ray of hope to move towards.
A survivor’s rope to hold on to.

“Come back.”