In The Dark

I walk through the Darkness. Blacker than the blackest. No clue how I landed here. No clue where I am headed to. I feel a wall on both sides. It’s a tunnel. Leading to where? I feel an unnatural presence around me. I call out. Only to hear a distant echo of my own voice.

A numbing helplessness settles in. The air gets staler. It is suffocating in the beginning – leading to nauseating claustrophobia. A parched throat, a throbbing head, a palpitating heart, an unsteady gait. Takes me a while to realize all are mine. Something slimy crawls over my foot. Footsteps behind me. The sound of something heavy being dragged. A loud thud. I run. Fast. Faster than I ever have. A blood-curdling scream. Mine. I shut my eyes tight to shut out that creepy feeling.
I open my eyes. A sunlit bedroom. I smile. It was all a dream. Damn you horror movies!


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