Writer’s Block @*&#%^!


Haven’t blogged for more than a month now. Laziness? Boredom? Lack of time? Or is it the celebrated writer’s block? I’m yet to figure.

There are random ideas flitting across the mind. As soon as I catch hold of one and sit down to pen my thoughts, another one flits by and seems momentarily more appealing than the one at hand. Ofcourse, it is a vicious circle of thoughts flying, catching one, letting go and being attracted to another!

I somehow like the idea of putting this down as a Writer’s Block. Wow, sounds so cool. I can quite imagine myself sitting by the window in my room, pen in hand, blank pages on my lap, looking out of the window and exclaiming with a swagger, “O darn, the block strikes back. The wretched writer’s cruel block”.

I think I try too hard at times. Or hardly try at times. The point is, it is all in the head, just refuses to get down on paper.

Oh well, whatever, I’ll go back to my game of catching and letting go.


What say?

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