A Different Today

Truth be told – the “idea” for this write up is not original. It was written for a friend. It is what he actually saw – versus what I interpreted his vision to be based on my own experiences. Though i wasn’t physically present at there, I somehow felt emotionally connected to it, as the scene slowly unfolded in front of my eyes. 

It is one of those infinite moments when life seems to paint a different picture for me. Only on looking closer do I realize that it is the same picture that I have been looking at for years now – but today I look at it without prejudice, without any hang-ups and without any expectations.

A long walk along one of the scenic stretches in Mumbai. Marine Drive – A walkway fittingly called the Queen’s Necklace.

Today, I don’t see pesky hawkers trying to sell their wares and disturbing my peace of mind – I see a little girl holding a bunch of flowers in her hand and looking at me with her big brown eyes – eyes that almost beg me to buy the flowers so that she can feed her family that night atleast.

Today, I don’t see hordes of people walking aimlessly, talking in unnecessarily loud volumes and bothering the rest– I see an old Canadian gentleman help his wife onto the sit-out at the drive, to enjoy the beautiful sunset together.

Today, I don’t see nosey kids being dragged along by their parents to walk the stretch – I see zestful young minds, full of never-ending questions and seeking answers to the mysteries that conspire.

Today, I am not just a photographer looking to enhance my portfolio with the beautiful pictures – I am just a wandering soul who has rediscovered the beauty that routine has to offer.

Today, I walk with an empty mind and a heart full of emotions – my camera giving me the best company. I let my lens do all the talking, where words fail to express what I feel – my pictures take the story forward.

Today,  I discover a new “me”.