The Best Enemy or the Worst Friend?

Sly as a fox, quiet as a mouse
You never know when or where you would meet her
At the bazaar, on the wharf or in the middle of a bustling street
Sometimes in the unlikeliest of places

There’s relief for a moment – but you never know when you’ll run into her lurking around the next corner
She teases you, tantalizes you, makes you suffer

You know she is your hated foe – you want her nowhere near you
You are just not prepared to submit to her whims and fancies

No amount of running will ever be enough – it is only a moment till she decides to overtake you
No hideout would ever be shelter enough – she will keenly follow your scent and find you

Unfriendly and ruthless, she will see right through your farce when you try to manipulate her
Her arrival marks the onset of a dark hour
Rendering all into a vale of melancholy

She comes in at the bleakest of hours or the brightest of moments
You may cheat her for a while
But sooner or later she will arrive amongst fanfare and take you away

There are times when she is your closest friend
Giving you a hope of release from this misery

A charmer to the core – you always end up giving in to her
At times when you feel she almost has you in her grip – her warm breath managing to chill you to the bone –
She lets you off without an explanation
Never a hint of when she will return

Away to a far off land she leads you – a land where you never know what to expect
Where happiness knows no bounds and sadness bids adieu
Brings a sense of balance and gives an underlying definition to life
In those final moments, she whispers caressingly
Promising to make your transition smooth and make you look at the new journey with enthusiasm

“Death” they call her – a pretty two-faced bitch that she is.