Accustomed Woes

Looking out of my window this morning, I see the world speed by

People in a continuous series of motion – a flick of the wrist and a slight tilt of the neck being the only signs of a goodbye

Mothers hustling their kids to school and hawkers crying out loud

Tyres screeching and cars honking being the only sound

I see the suited men walking in tandem with the humble clerks

The emancipated artists at crossroads with the wayside jerks

Everyone moves around with a sense of function – a train to catch or a bus to board

With great gusto they march along on their preferred mode

Then why do I feel this strange emptiness in a heart so full of hope

Start I did with dreams held high – now redundant and a lot to cope

It seems to be a question of being at the wrong place at the wrong time

Being reminded endlessly by the walk clock’s chime

Inscrutable questions pop in unexplored recesses of the mind

Some pretty fundamental – though some not very kind

I seek a solution through this continuous confusion

I pause a while to gather my thoughts and get rid of this delusion

It was sometimes me and sometimes the circumstances which create this ruckus

The destiny somehow seems to be in and out of focus

Maybe its time to retrace your steps and go back to a past not so distant

Recheck if what you have become and what you started off to be, remain consistent