Waking Up

It begins with a slight tinkle and suddenly ends with a loud clatter. I wake up with an uncomfortable start.

It’s like being snapped out of a reverie and being slapped by the hand of reality.

Suddenly the open fields metamorphose into graveled roads.

Where the mighty oaks reigned and the rosewood ruled, the earth now bears witness to a concrete jungle.

Where men stood tall and held their heads high, now exist as mere shadows..lowly shifting in the darkness..flinching as a stray beam of light threatens to expose them.

Where the warm shimmering sunlight is replaced by halogens – leaving us with no sense of time.

Where beauty once proudly owned – is now a commodity.

Where children, who were beacons of hope, are now burdens of responsibility.

Where “mistress” is now a word fittingly and grudgingly used to describe your office chores.

Where money seems to buy happiness – albeit temporary – a series of temporaries entered in the books of account as a major gain.

Where plastic smiles and plastic cards are almost as easy as expendables.

Where the brother becomes a foe and the dog becomes the best friend.

Where the world is now just a mouse-click away..human proximity being shattered into oblivion.

Where the only sound heard is the ominous ticking of the clock – in a house full of people and void of mirth.

Where human life has a value – wager against materialistic possessions.

Where the times when there was honour even among thieves, have been brushed to the farthest corner.

Where innocence is lost so young, that it’s almost but a thing of lore.

I wonder if waking up was worth it – there’s a happier place just around the corner, close your eyes, go off to sleep and let your imagination turn the moment magical.


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