Life ain’t a bed of roses
Whatever the world may say
Everyone has their share of pain
Life is never meant to be plain

As my life takes yet another turn
I can feel my soul crash and burn
The flames engulf me so slow
I feel life torture me blow by blow

Wish I could return back to my childhood
But its useless now to sit and brood
Joyous days are but of lore
Just memories to soothe a heart so sore

Life has waged a war against me
I have no choice but to let it be
Beyond my power it is to control my life
The truth pierces like a double-edged knife

I’ve been tested against many challenges
But it is my fortune which always manages
To take an unexpected turn
And portray me a loser, as I am one

Little by little life slips away
Like grains of sand from a fisted hand
Can I somehow hold on to it tight
To remain with me forever…who knows, it just might!

Feelings and emotions lie bundled in a heap
It hurts as through experiences I leap
Being strong is the only way out
After all, its ME that this is all about.


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