Times are changing
People are changing
We stray away from each other
No bonds to hold us together
We have become selfish and self-centered
Not caring about anything beyond ourselves

People come into our lives
But not many create a lasting memory
Nothing is left to remind us about them
Not many touch are lives
But we fail to see that every person is a new experience

We’ve become materialistic
Morals and values hold no place in our world
We aren’t any different from robots
…Just unemotional moronic blokes!

We believe money can buy everything
Spending most of our time chasing idyllic dreams
But why do we forget the fundamental truth
That you go to your grave with all but a penny

We ignore the simple joys of life
While chasing higher levels of gratification
Forgetting who we actually are
Somewhere along this chosen path of apparent happiness

Shadows of the past haunt us
We never think twice before acting
Not caring what the other person feels
Not treating another like a fellow human being

Life is all about profits and losses
Everything is measured and tested
What we don’t notice is the multitude of immeasurable moments
That we lose out on in our quest to seek more

We remain blissfully unaware of what goes on around us
Engulfed in our own world, not accepting the truth
People and things all mean the same
We only exist…cease to live
The essence of life lost in a messy haze


What say?

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